Top 10 Childcare and Coworking Spaces in North America

The best coworking spaces for parents in the US and Canada
By Kelly K
May 27, 2022
10 best coworking and childcare spaces in north america

Childcare and coworking is a natural combination – both are centred around serving the needs of the community.

In part one of our childcare and coworking series, we explored the childcare and coworking business model as well as key considerations for operators looking to open their own facility.

In part two of this series, we’re taking a look at 10 of the top childcare and coworking spaces across North America.

These inspiring facilities are shaping the way we think about the integrated childcare and coworking model by bringing together world class coworking facilities and high-quality childcare in a variety of cities, spaces, and models.

Hear their stories, admire their spaces, and see for yourself what makes these coworking spaces adored by their communities.

Top Childcare and Coworking Spaces in the US

Big and Tiny

NYC and LA | Big and Tiny Space

Big and Tiny - coworking for parents

Big and Tiny is a trendy childcare facility with a deeply enriching and artistically creative curriculum. They offer coworking in conjunction with childcare services at two of their locations including conference rooms, meeting rooms, and a host of amenities.

Big and Tiny has made a name for themselves due to their inquiry-based learning philosophy, exquisite play and coworking spaces, and their emphasis on art and play in childhood development. Not to mention, their beautifully designed spaces that make them stand out in a crowd.



Brooklyn, NY | @brooklearnbrooklyn

Brooklearn - coworking for parents

Brooklearn is transforming the way parents work in New York City. They are NYC’s first combined coworking and childcare space with a facility designed with children in mind – complete with tumbling mats, climbing walls, and an inviting foam pit perfect for free play.

They offer a variety of flexible membership options that are tailored to fit the needs of parents and children alike. Parents are well-equipped in a state-of-the-art coworking space with printers, high-speed WiFi and soundproof phone booths. Their children are safe to play, explore, and live their best lives in a fun, kid-forward environment.

“The concept for Brooklearn originated from my own challenges at home with my young kids, managing my work while keeping them active, simultaneously. I come from a world of more traditional structured child enrichment so I knew how critical that service was. I figured the two concepts would be combined eventually in today's "hybrid everything" world, why not be first to market! I can't take credit for the name, a very smart and creative friend thought of it and offered it to me!”
John Lehman, Owner/Operator at Brooklearn

Fandory Factory

San Diego, CA | @fandoryfactorycoworkingplay

Fandory Factory - coworking for parents

Fandory Factory is a community-forward coworking space offering kids enrichment classes, summer camps, weekend family gatherings, and more. On Monday and Wednesday mornings, parents can drop their children off to play in a spacious and whimsical indoor playground while they get some work done on-site.

Their membership plans serve both parents that want heads-down time away from their children, and those who want to be a bit more hands-on. What really sets Fandory Factory apart however is the community – the space is run with their members in mind, and this is reflected in everything that they do.

“Fandory Factory has come out of a necessity of being able to do my work while at the same time being close to my child. I looked around San Diego and didn't find any place like that. So, me and my sister Aldisa, decided to create such a place. As for the advice for other operators looking to start coworking with child care, I would say after the initial substantial investment into the equipment and space (either renting or buying) be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort on educating people on the concept. Also, different ages require different care so that's an important part of the puzzle to put in place.” 
Mirela Sabanovic-Lewis, Founder at Fandory Factory

Lodgic Everyday Community Madison

Madison, WI | @lodgiceveryday

Lodgic Everyday - coworking for parents

Lodgic Everyday Community Madison is truly an impressive feat, from their branding to their business model. They’ve brought together a beautiful workspace, high-quality childcare, and mouth-watering food and beverage offerings into one convenient space to meet the needs of their community.

They operate their coworking and childcare facilities as separate, independent entities but in the same building. Their childcare curriculum is robust, their space is beautiful, and their membership offerings abound. Plus, having a coworking facility so close to full-time childcare has proven incredibly valuable for working parents in the community.

“For us at Lodgic Everyday Community, combining childcare with a flexible workspace was imperative in our initiative to support working families in our community. We imagined a work situation for parents where there was no precious time wasted driving back and forth to childcare centers, and where parents could watch their children play safely outside while they focus on their careers. In a world where the work-life balance is constantly being re-evaluated and challenged, combining childcare and workspace is a step forward.”
Ava J Kenny, Managing Director at Lodgic Everyday Community

MOMentum Coworking

Dresher, PA | @momentumcoworkingandkidsclub

MOMentum - coworking for parents

MOMentum self identifies as a “village of support for busy parents”, and they live up to their name. Founded by working moms, they’ve built their offerings around the needs of the people they serve, adapting in the face of natural disasters and the ever-changing world we live in.

Their approach to childcare is unique in that they provide services to the community in community spaces off-site. While untraditional, they’ve proven that you can find success with many different kinds of coworking and childcare integration models, so long as you put the needs of the community first.

“MOMentum has provided Coworking with Childcare, early/aftercare and summer camp for almost 5 years. We are unique in that our programs are specifically tailored to the needs of the community and are offered in community space (2 local churches).  We offered supervision for school aged kids engaging in virtual instruction during school closures during the pandemic and in the aftermath of a recent tornado in our community.  Our programs walk with families from infancy through the teen years, with a focus on play, friendship, nature, hobbies, and parent support.”
Mary Beth Thomas, Founder/Owner at MOMentum and Megan Mancke, Director at MOMentum  

Pillar Cowork

Lafayette, CA | @pillarcowork

Pillar cowork - coworking for parents

Pillar Cowork is a beautifully designed coworking space offering on-site childcare in northern California. Their childcare curriculum is play-based and their space includes a number of amenities perfect for parents and kids including nap space, nursing pods, and child-centred events and performers.

They offer a variety of flexible membership options to best serve the needs of their community, a must-have for any coworking space looking to offer childcare. Their full-time care serves parents during working hours from Monday to Friday, making Pillar a one-stop shop for busy working parents.

"Pillar's unique workspace offerings enhance productivity and work-life balance for our members by providing essential amenities, including high-quality onsite childcare for working parents. We are dedicated to supporting our members across all areas of their personal and professional lives."
Pillar Management Team

Phase Family Center

Alpharetta, GA | @phasefamilyc

Phase family center - coworking for parents

Phase Family Center operates coworking, childcare, and events in a single 62,500 square foot facility. They serve children in their community from 6 weeks to 12 years of age with preschool, after school care, summer camps, and more.

Their coworking space and licensed childcare facility operate under two separate brands. However, their proximity to one another makes it an incredibly appealing choice for working parents. Learn more about Phase Family Center and The Commons at Phase in our childcare and coworking article.

“Our mission is to be a place where the community can "gather with friends and shape the future". We feel that combining a high-quality learning center with space for work creates a unique opportunity for people to connect, encourage, and support each other.” 
Stacie Williams, President and COO at Phase Family Center

Two Birds

Washington DC and Northern Virginia | @twobirds

Two Birds - coworking for parents

Two Birds is a premium coworking and childcare experience with two locations in the DC/VA area. Started by two parents, this space aims to “reimagine the childcare experience.” They offer all-inclusive membership plans complete with meals, diapers, blankets, and work spaces for parents.

Their thoughtful member perks include professional photos, weekend classes for the whole family, handmade blankets, and a handmade doll gifted to your child to welcome them to the community.


Top Coworking and Childcare Spaces in Canada


Vancouver, BC | @onespaceforall

OneSpace - coworking for parents

OneSpace is a warm and cozy family-friendly coworking space offering drop-in childcare five days a week. They aim to make life a little bit easier for families and entrepreneurs by bringing childcare and work facilities under one roof.

The homey space houses both the childcare and coworking facilities under one roof so parents are never far away from their children. They also offer drop-in fitness classes complimentary for members, as well as ongoing events specifically designed to enrich and support the lives of busy parents in the community.

“OneSpace has taught us a huge amount about the critical role that community plays in the coworking and childcare model. Beyond providing a physical space, success in this industry is intertwined with the understanding that working parents need a sense of belonging, validation, and understanding in their home away from home; the space, the staff, and the people in it must be authentic, and must be driven by the desire to improve the lives of others. Our challenges often present in the form of logistics: childcare licensing regulations, zoning requirements, and flexible software options that make both the coworking component and childcare component accessible and easy to navigate.”
OneSpace Management Team

The Workaround

Toronto, ON | @the.workaround

The workaround - coworking for parents in Canada

The Workaround is a parent-friendly coworking space offering full-day and half-day childcare, as well as summer camp services. They put an emphasis on flexibility, inclusion, and accessibility, as they’re on a mission to make childcare services more accessible to parents.

Their staff of licensed early childhood educators design play-based learning programs for children up to five years of age. Being one of the few coworking spaces offering childcare services in Ontario, they are uniquely positioned to pave the way for future aspiring coworking operators looking to adopt this model.

If you’re wondering how to make coworking and childcare happen, take some inspiration from these spaces that are making their voice heard in the coworking community!