How to Grow Your Business with Coworking Space Automation Software

Learn how to use automation to transform four critical areas of your flex space business
By Kelly K
July 8, 2024
How to Grow Your Business with Coworking Space Automation Software

A new era of coworking technology is here, one defined by a new set of tools and capabilities to help you take back control of your time.

It’s called coworking space automation software, and it is the difference between hours of cumbersome manual tasks and hours invested into your community.

Coworking and flex space automation software will completely change how you approach everything in your flex space business – and we’re here to show you how it’s done.

In this article we’ll share with you how to use coworking space automation software to transform four critical areas of your business.

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The basics of coworking space automation software

Coworking space automation software is a category dedicated to relieving flexible workspace teams from manual tasks. 

The goal is to automate as many of the repetitive, time consuming elements of running a flexible workspace as possible, so that operators and community managers have time to focus on the things that only humans can do.

This article will share with you everything you need to know about the benefits of coworking space automation software and how we got to where we are today. If you haven’t read it, we highly recommend checking it out.

Optix Automations

Optix is the only coworking space automation software on the market today, and it is all made possible by Automations. Automations is an operational layer that sits on top of the Optix platform. It gives operators time back, and allows Optix to do more of the manual tasks they perform each day including email and message reminders, following up on invoices, upselling products, and more.

In the following sections, we’ll look at how you can use automation software like Optix to transform several important aspects of your business. 

1. Operations

Your community manager is drowning in work, spending hours each day on redundant operational tasks (actually up to 60% of their day according to our survey on automation in coworking spaces). 

Coworking space automation software is in a prime position to automate repetitive operations. It can automate tasks like:

Your operational workflows can run smoothly in the background with coworking space automation software so your team has more time to invest in the things that really matter – like building community.

2. Optimization

To improve your business is to commit to endless experimentation and optimization. Set up automations to help you regularly collect feedback, iterate quickly, and continue to improve your offerings so you can provide a better experience for your members.

You can continue to optimize your business offerings by:

  • Automatically collecting feedback after a user makes 5 bookings
  • Sending out a link to a survey after a user has been in your space for 6 months

These automations can be set up to help relieve your team of manual work using coworking space automation software like Optix.

3. Growth

Growth from coworking automation software

At the heart of every business is growth – you want to grow your community to grow the impact you’re having on others, and this can start with some well-crafted automations set up in coworking automation software.

Help your community grow with automations like:

  • Send a message when an invoice is overdue
  • Cross-sell a service when a related product or resource is booked
  • Retarget unconfirmed users to get them to join your community

Chances are, there are lots of untapped growth opportunities sitting under the surface of your business operations. Automation can help you maximize the opportunities.

4. Member engagement

Discover new ways of engaging your community digitally, without having to spend hours writing emails or sending messages. Engage your members with thoughtful automations that make them feel welcomed and special.

  • When a new member joins, welcome them in the Community Feed
  • When a new plan is purchased, send a welcome email
  • When a member leaves, send an offboarding package

Member engagement is key to building a thriving community, but it can take up a lot of valuable time and resources that you may not always have. Automation can help with that.

This is just the beginning of automation

Coworking space automation software is really just in its infancy right now – there is so much to learn about the future of this exciting new technology. 

From engaging your members to growing your business, automation can help you take your business to the next level.

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