14 Best Coworking Websites to Get Listed On

Market your coworking space with these 14 free and paid coworking websites to get listed on
By Kelly K
March 12, 2024
Person working at their desk in a coworking space

Getting members into your space is one of the biggest challenges for new coworking spaces.

We’ve written extensively about how to market your coworking space, from marketing ideas for coworking operators to how to set up your Google Business Profile.

In this article, we’ll share with you how to get your space in front of more potential members with 14 free and paid coworking websites to get listed on.

By listing your coworking space on popular online marketplaces, you can increase your chances of attracting new members and bump up your member acquisition. Let’s dive in!

Benefits of listing your coworking space online

As a coworking space operator,  you want to make sure your space is getting in front of as many people as possible. 

Even more important is ensuring your space is getting in front of the right people.

Chances are, your prospective members are going online to find a coworking space. Yes, you will want to make sure you’re following best practices for coworking SEO to get your website to appear in Google, but listing your space on a website specifically designed for coworking spaces, office spaces, and other real estate listings can help you maximize your visibility and acquire more members.

It is also a relatively passive form of marketing – meaning, once you set up a listing – there is very little you need to do other than monitor and optimize it occasionally.

According to Kane Wilmott, CEO and co-founder at iQ Offices, listing your coworking space on popular online platforms is one of the most important acquisition tools in your toolkit. Learn more about how to acquire your first coworking members.

How does listing a coworking space on a website work?

The process for listing your coworking space online will depend on the platform you’re using. Below is the general process for listing your space on a third-party website.

  1. Sign up for an account on the platform provided
  2. Create an engaging listing with high-quality photos and as much information as you can provide
  3. Collect customers and leads
  4. Pay a commission fee for every booking made

As mentioned, the process will be heavily dependent on what platform you decide to list on. It’s important to note that many operators choose to list their space on more than one website to maximize their chances of attracting customers.

Below we’ll go into some of the best free and paid options for listing your coworking space.

Complete list of coworking websites to get listed on

  1. Craigslist
  2. Facebook Marketplace
  3. Kijiji
  4. Yelp
  5. LiquidSpace
  6. Instant Offices
  7. Spacelist
  8. UpSuite
  9. Free Office Finder
  10. Coworker
  11. Cowork Booking
  14. Deskpass

Free websites to list your coworking space on

Craigslist homepage

1. Craigslist

Best for: private offices and event spaces

Craigslist is the original online classified ads. The website gets about 250 million users each month and is more or less free to post a listing on.

If you have private offices that rent on a short or long-term basis, posting them to Craigslist is a cost-free way to market their availability. One thing to note about Craigslist – because it is free, it can be very competitive, especially for private offices.

Therefore, it’s recommended to make multiple listings and update them every 2 days to bring them to the top of the feed.

Facebook marketplace homepage

2. Facebook Marketplace

Best for: general listings and paid advertisements

Facebook Marketplace is a section of Facebook dedicated to buying and selling goods, services, and real estate. It boasts a whopping one billion visitors each month and can be accessed directly from the Facebook homepage.

Coworking spaces can use Facebook Marketplace to list private offices, event spaces, specialty rooms like a podcasting studio, or a general listing of availability. 

Facebook Marketplace is a completely free website to list your coworking space on. However, you may want to consider running paid ads on the platform via Facebook Business Manager

Ads can appear whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword like “coworking”, similar to Google Ads, and can help your listing get more attention.

Kijiji homepage

3. Kijiji

Best for: Canadian coworking and flex spaces

Kijiji is an online classified advertisement site, similar to Craigslist. It originated in Canada, where it remains the preferred platform for many Canadians.

Similar to Craigslist, to be successful on Kijiji, you’ll want to create engaging listings with beautiful photos, and update them regularly. The platform is free to post on within certain categories, so be sure to choose a “free” housing category to avoid paying higher fees for listings.

Yelp homepage

4. Yelp

Best for: brand awareness and garnering reviews

Yelp is a review site for businesses of all kinds. With roughly 178 million users each month, it remains one of the most popular review sites in the world.

Listing your coworking space on Yelp is similar to creating a Google Business Profile. The listing will include information on the space, photos, reviews, and more. Visitors can then visit your website to make a booking directly from Yelp.

While you won’t be able to list specific offices and offerings on this website, it is still a great free option to garner brand awareness and boost your social proof via reviews. Bonus points: listing on Yelp contributes positively to your local SEO.

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Paid websites to list your coworking space on

Keep in mind, most paid platforms involve a commission for every booking made. Below are some of the most popular third-party sites used by coworking spaces today.

LiquidSpace homepage

5. LiquidSpace

Best for: any kind of flex, coworking, or office space

LiquidSpace is the largest marketplace of on-demand workspaces, and one of the top coworking websites to list your space on. It boasts over 5,000 hosts over the last decade, making it a highly reputable choice for your business needs.

Here’s how listing on LiquidSpace works:

  • Coworking owners can create a free profile as a “host”
  • They can then create a detailed listing of their offering that includes price, amenities, days and times available, and more
  • Prospective members can then make a booking for the coworking space directly on LiquidSpace

Owners do pay a small commission for every booking made on LiquidSpace. However, many coworking and flex space operators consider LiquidSpace to be one of the most effective options for getting high-quality leads and bookings for their space.

Instant Offices Homepage

6. Instant Offices

Best for: executive suites and virtual offices

Instant Offices is a coworking website that lists over 15,000 offices across the world and generates more than 8,000 inquiries a month. You can list a variety of spaces on this website, though many find the most success with executive suites, private offices, and virtual offices.

Listing an office on Instant Offices is free, but you will need to pay once the booking is made. If your space is outfitted with many private offices or you’re looking to grow your virtual offices offering, Instant Offices is the ideal place to start.

Spacelist homepage

7. Spacelist

Best for: commercial space in Canada

Spacelist is the leading commercial real estate marketplace in Canada.

It is a popular website for Canadian real estate firms and other big-name players in the industry to visit. Although it is geared towards commercial real estate, it can still be a good option for those looking to rent out private offices or larger event spaces.

Spacelist has multiple pricing tiers, including a free plan that allows for unlimited listings and lead management. Upgrading to their next tier at $50 a month will also give you boosted search rankings and greater access to qualified leads.

Upsuite homepage

8. UpSuite

Best for: enterprise-level coworking spaces and coworking networks

UpSuite is an online platform that matches teams with workspaces. They take a partnership approach by working with users to find the best coworking space to fit their needs

Listing on UpSuite is a bit of a lengthier process than some of the other platforms. It will require becoming a verified office operator and registering your space before being able to acquire members. 

You will then have to pay a generous fee for the booking. Their pricing options are as follows:

  • Option 1: Commission pricing based on your space’s capacity up to 12 months of signed membership agreements (20% for 0-33% full, 15% for 33%-66% full, and 10% past 66% full)
  • Option 2: 10% commission up to 12 months +$90/month listing fee

Despite this process, UpSuite can be a great way of attracting high-quality members. You’ll see popular coworking spaces like Regus and WeWork proudly listing on UpSuite.

Free Office Finder

9. Free Office Finder

Best for: workspaces in the UK

Free Office Finder is an agency specializing in flexible workspace rentals for privately serviced offices across the UK. 

They do not charge a fee to set up an account and they handpick applicants for your listing to ensure you’re receiving only qualified leads. It is a popular option for those living in the UK and can be a nice addition to your other coworking websites.

Coworker homepage

10. Coworker

Best for: traditional coworking spaces

Coworker has over 25,000 coworking spaces on their site, with approximately 300 new spaces being added each month. This makes it a popular hub for finding and listing coworking spaces around the world.

They offer three tiers of pricing on top of a broker commission for lead fees:

  • Basic: $25/yr
  • Visibility Plus: $100/yr
  • Featured Plan: $253/yr

Because coworker is specifically for coworking spaces, it’s a great website to consider listing your dedicated desks, hot desks, and day passes – especially if you are a “traditional” coworking space looking for more members.

Cowork Booking homepage

11. Cowork Booking

Best for: destination coworking spaces of all different niches

Cowork Booking is another website dedicated specifically to matching coworkers with coworking spaces. They even have a section on their website for other coworking niches like coliving spaces for people to explore.

The website is geared towards digital nomads and millennials. If you have a younger demographic or your coworking space is located in a popular travel destination, then you may find a bit more success with a site like Cowork Booking.

It is also a more affordable coworking website to get listed on, as they advertise free registration, no hidden fees, and direct payment from users.

Desks near me homepage


Best for: short-term and long-term desk bookings allows anyone to list and book available desks in a workspace, be it a coworking space or another kind of shared office space.

It syncs with users’ social media accounts to connect them with others who have booked the space or are local in that area, adding an interesting community element to booking.

It is free to list but much like the other platforms, there will be a commission paid out for each booking made.

Hubble HQ homepage


Best for: European-based coworking spaces boasts over 23,000 permanent offices and on-demand workspaces on their website worldwide. Most of their office listings are concentrated in the UK and Europe, making it an ideal option for European-based coworking communities.

Here you can list your space for free, with a 10-20% commission fee charged for each successful booking made through the site.

Deskpass homepage

14. DeskPass

Best for: meeting and conference rooms across North America

Deskpass provides teams with affordable, flexible access to thousands of coworking spaces and conference rooms for individuals and teams across the globe. 

They have listings from all major cities across North America, making it a popular option for those based in the US. 

DeskPass works well for short-term meeting and conference rooms, along with one-off desk bookings as the name implies.

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