Crafting a Winning Coworking Space Website: A Step-by-Step Guide

In today's digital age, having a standout website for your coworking business is essential. A well-designed and informative website not only helps attract new members but also provides a positive user experience for existing members.
By Guest Contributor
May 4, 2023
How to Create a Great Coworking Website

Your website is a powerful marketing tool that can help your coworking business stand out in a crowded market. With so many coworking options available, it’s important to differentiate your business from competitors by showcasing your unique selling points, such as your location, amenities, and community events. 

Secondly, your website is often the first touchpoint between potential members and your space. A well-designed website with easy navigation and engaging content can make a lasting positive impression and encourage potential members to take the next step and sign up for a tour, book a space, or buy a membership. Conversely, a poorly designed or outdated website can create a negative first impression, leading potential members to look elsewhere. 

Thirdly, your website can improve the user experience for existing members. A user-friendly website with clear information on amenities, events, and community updates can help members stay informed and engaged with the coworking community. 

5 Ways to Create a Winning Coworking Space Website

When embarking on your journey to create a website, be mindful of the cost of creating a website as well as these five things. These tactics can enable you to use your website to convert prospective members to take action and engage your existing community. 

1. Use Your Website to Highlight Your Space, Resources, Services, and Amenities

The ability to promote your space and facilities online is one of the most important features of a coworking space website. This can be achieved using high-quality images and videos highlighting your space’s design and functionality. It’s important to showcase your coworking space in an attractive and informative way, ideally with photos of people using your space, giving potential members a clear understanding of what to expect.

Another important aspect is showcasing your space’s resources and services. This could be anything from high-speed internet and printing services to conference rooms and event spaces. Make sure to list all the resources and services available and provide detailed information on how members can access and use them.

Additionally, showcasing your amenities is crucial in attracting and retaining members. This could be anything from free coffee and snacks to fitness facilities and onsite parking. List all the amenities available and provide detailed information on their locations and access.

2. Compare Your Website with Competitors’ Websites

It’s important to understand your competition and how they are marketing their coworking spaces. Conducting a thorough analysis of your competitors’ websites can provide valuable insights into what they are doing well and where you can improve. Make a list of your competitors’ websites and analyze their design, content, user experience, and functionality. Identify what makes their website stand out and what they are missing.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of your competitors can help you position your coworking space and website to stand out from the crowd. In order to better fulfill the requirements and expectations of potential members, you can use this information to make decisions about the design, functionality, and content of your website. 

3. Showcase Testimonials from Existing Members

Showcase Testimonials from Existing Members in your Coworking Space

Testimonials from existing members are a powerful way to showcase your coworking space’s value and community. You may establish credibility and trust with potential members by discussing your personal experiences and feedback. This can help overcome any doubts or objections they may have about joining your space.

Consider using a dedicated page or section on your website to showcase testimonials effectively. Include a mix of written and video testimonials from existing members that highlight the benefits of your coworking space. Ensure to include information about the member, such as their profession, business, or industry, to give potential members a sense of who they could be working alongside.

4. Make it Easy for Members to Convert on Your Website

Converting website visitors into paying members is the ultimate goal of any coworking space website. To make this process easy and quick, consider the following strategies:

Clear Calls to Action: Use clear and prominent calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website to encourage visitors to take action. This could include scheduling a tour of the space, booking a conference room, or signing up for a 1-day trial pass. Use action-oriented language and design elements to make your CTAs stand out.

User-Friendly Booking and Checkout: Make sure your booking and payment systems are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Consider using a dedicated booking and payment page or a widget that can plug into your website that matches the look and feel of your website and provides detailed information on available spaces, pricing, and availability. 

Imagine this: a potential customer visits your website, and with just a few clicks, they can book a tour or sign up for a day pass right then and there. No hassle, no fuss. These web widgets are designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for customers to complete the booking process without any confusion or frustration.

And the best part? Web widgets are customizable! You can tailor them to match the look and feel of your website, creating a seamless and consistent experience for your customers. Plus, they’re mobile-friendly, so customers can book tours on the go, from any device.

Automated Follow-Up: Follow up with potential members automatically through email or other communication channels to keep them engaged and informed. Consider using an automated email sequence that provides timely information and answers any questions they may have. This can help build a relationship with potential members and increase the chances of conversion.

5. Prominently Show the Address and Contact Information

Seeing the address and phone number on a coworking space’s website is one of the most frequent reasons people go there. It’s important to make this information easy to find and access. This can be achieved by prominently displaying your space’s address, phone number, email, and social media links on your website.

Consider using a dedicated “Contact Us” page that provides all the necessary information and includes a contact form that visitors can use to get in touch. Make sure to also include a map or directions to your space and information on nearby transportation options and parking facilities.

A great website is a great investment for your business

In conclusion, a great coworking space website can be crucial in attracting and retaining members. You can build a website that effectively promotes your location, resources, services, and amenities by implementing the tactics shared in this article.

Remember to focus on creating a user-friendly design, providing valuable content, showcasing testimonials, and making it easy for potential members to convert. By doing so, you can increase your online presence, build your brand, and attract members looking to join your community.

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