What’s New in Optix: March 2022

Learn about what we’ve added to Optix during the month of March
By Kelly K
March 28, 2022
Map assignment revenue

This month was an exciting one here at Optix! We launched an updated version of the Optix and Kisi integration which allows users to access Kisi-enabled doors directly with their white-labeled Optix app as well as a new integration with IronWifi that protects WiFi access for your users.

We also added the ability to automate check-ins with Kisi, updated our Xero integration to include assignment revenue mapping, and more.

Keep reading to see what’s new in Optix this month.

For users: Unlock your Kisi-enabled doors with your white-labeled app 🔓

Optix and Kisi integration

The latest update to the Optix and Kisi integration allows users to open Kisi-enabled doors with a white-labeled Optix app.

This eliminates the need for the Kisi app entirely and streamlines the user experience. Users will be able to open and tap your branded app directly on the Kisi access control system.

Available for organizations with a white-labeled app only. Check out our FAQ to learn more about connecting Optix and Kisi.

For admins: Automate your check-in process with Kisi  🧑‍💼

Optix and Kisi integration

Not only can you now open Kisi-enabled doors with your Optix app, you can automate your check-in process with this integration too.

Now a member can be checked in to Optix automatically when they unlock a Kisi-enabled door. You do not need a white-labeled app to access this feature.

Check out the FAQ to learn how to automate your check-in process with Kisi.

For admins: Improve your internet security with IronWiFi 💻

Optix and IronWifi integration

Streamline your check-in process and level-up your internet security with our newest integration with IronWiFi.

This integration will allow admins to manage WiFi access in their workspace, measure who is present in the space at any given time, and automate the Optix check-in process for members.

Find out how to connect IronWiFi and Optix in our FAQ.

For admins: Map assignment revenue based on Resource mapping in Xero 💰

Map assignment revenue

You can now map assignment revenue to Xero with the Optix and Xero integration.

See how much revenue your assignments are driving for your business quickly and easily through Xero.

Learn how to integrate Xero and Optix in our FAQ.

For admins: Rename the invoice ‘Tax’ field to match your tax type 🧾 

Whats new in Optix March 2022

You can now insert a custom tax name on your invoices to align with your country’s tax code.

Choose whatever tax name you like from VAT to GST for more clarity on customer invoices.

Learn more about managing tax information in Optix in our FAQ.