How to Elevate your Brand with Optix All New Plans and Passes

Using Optix features to take your coworking brand to the next level.
By Kelly K
November 28, 2022
Optix All New Plans and Passes Allows You to Set an Amount of Allowance and Custom Currency

In this increasingly competitive coworking space market, there’s nothing more important than your brand. 

We’ve written extensively about coworking brand building on the Optix blog, including how to create a brand that stands out above the rest.

In this article, we’ll share with you how to elevate your brand using our newest feature update, All New Plans and Passes. With Optix, you’ll be well on your way to establishing an iconic brand in the coworking industry in no time.

6 ways to elevate your coworking brand with Optix

Coworking Member Using Optix Plans and Passes

1. Create a Custom Currency to keep your brand top-of-mind

A Custom Currency is your business’s own form of money (ie. a coin or credit) that is used to make purchases, book rooms, and more in your space.

It is a popular model in many industries because it can gamify spending and encourage increased purchasing behavior. A Custom Currency can also help reinforce your brand. 

Instead of spending dollars in your space, people can spend “CoLab Coins” or “Workspace Dollars”. Now everytime they make a purchase, they’ll be thinking of your space first. 

2. Brand your Plans and Passes to match your business

Elevating your brand means paying attention to the little things. 

Plans and Passes can be created in Optix to be completely customizable. You have the unique ability to make them fit cohesively with even the smallest details of your branding. This includes:

  • Name: create an on-brand name that matches the rest of your business
  • Description: describe it in the same tone as your other communications
  • Appearance: select a color and/or pattern to appear to members that fits your brand

Customizing the little things may not always feel like it’s the most important thing in the world. However, when it comes to developing an amazing brand, the power is in the details.

All New Plans and Passes in Optix

3. Improve brand loyalty with increased personalization

Providing personalization as much as you can is essential to creating a wonderful experience for your members – and a wonderful experience is directly linked to a positive brand image.

This could be anything from greeting members by their first name, to providing flexible membership options available for users to purchase.

All New Plans and Passes gives you a ton of control over what you offer your members. You can create:

  • Custom Plans for individual members
  • Plans that are only visible to certain members, based on how they interact with your space
  • Exclusive one-time discounts for individuals 

This increased customization options can improve what you’re able to offer your members, leaving them with an overall positive impression of you and your business. 

4. Introduce “grandfathered” pricing to honor your loyal members

They say there are 3 fundamental ways to increase your revenue:

Figuring out the right price to drive revenue can be tricky, especially if you’re just starting out and you’re still trying to find the sweet spot. 

Grandfathered pricing allows you to experiment with different pricing strategies while still allowing current members to keep their originally priced plan.

In doing so, you’re able to determine what your perfect price is, without upsetting your current members, thus increasing the positive effect towards your brand. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Create community plans to grow your community with Optix Plans and Passes

5. Create community plans to grow your community

We often say that community is at the heart of every coworking space. Growing and supporting your community is essential to have a successful space and a meaningful brand. 

With Optix All New Plans and Passes, you have the opportunity to create a Community Plan. This Plan can give members access to a host of features, without requiring them to book a resource or purchase a product. 

These features can include:

It works as a great entry level plan for those not ready to commit to a pricier, more involved option. It can also be marketed as a virtual office or virtual coworking plan to help your members connect with one another digitally.

This plan gets your app on their phone, showcasing your brand directly on your member’s home screen, while providing value to your community. 

6. Expand your brand with web widgets

Web widgets are a wonderful way of creating a cohesive brand experience, both on and offline. 

Your web widgets are fully customizable and can be embedded onto your website to blend into your online experience. 

Members can purchase Plans and Passes, make drop-in bookings, or sign-up for a tour on your website seamlessly, while that information will be sent directly to Optix.

This creates an exceptional user experience, while remaining cohesive with your brand from beginning to end. 

Web widgets - automate bookings for coworking spaces

Get started with Optix All New Plans and Passes

Creating a seamless user experience and building a wonderful brand is a matter of paying attention to the little things and sweating the small stuff. 

We make it easier than ever to do this with Optix.

Learn more about Optix All New Plans and Passes or to get a free demo today.