How to Keep Your Coworking Members Beyond Their New Year’s Resolutions

Tips to retain your members beyond the New Year's resolutions
By The Optix Team
January 30, 2019
How to keep your coworking members past their new years resolution

Since January is the most popular month to join a coworking space (according to DeskMag’s Survey of Coworking Member Survey), you may have seen an uptick in your membership growth this past month – congrats! Growth is always exciting but taking this time to think through your member retention strategy will help you maximize your growth in the long term.

Your new members may have joined your space because they were curious and wanted to see if the coworking lifestyle is for them or not. The question then arises – will these members stick around for the rest of the year? Statistics seem to indicate ‘no’ as only 8% of Americans keep their resolutions and a whopping 92% start to give up in February.

To help you retain these new coworking members, here are some tips and tactics you can try:

Help them understand all of the services and amenities you offer

How to keep your coworking members past their new years resolution

While onboarding a new member, it’s imperative that you communicate the value that your coworking space can bring to them, as a professional, and their business. If you have examples of members that have thrived in your space, share those success stories. If you have a web page that points to member perks and benefits, make sure they know how to access it via your website or your mobile app. Ensure you are dedicating ample time to showcasing the amenities and services that your coworking space proudly offers and the value that they will gain by continuing to be a part of your community.

Make them feel welcome

This may seem like a given, but it is often overlooked! Introduce your new coworking members to your management team and to your existing members. Make sure they feel like they have a few friendly faces when they come into work and that they feel like a part of your coworking community.

You can even announce your new members through a community feed or your blog. Highlighting your members will make them feel important and valued, and hopefully, help them create a few new connections!

Drive engagement during their first few weeks

Ensuring your new members make connections that are valuable early on in their coworking journey is important. Get your new members involved with your coworking community by inviting them to events or sending them regular updates.

How to keep your coworking members past their new years resolution

Facilitating conversations between your members can also help them connect with individual members of your community that they may be interested in connecting with. Your space is a melting pot for like-minded individuals who are brimming with ideas and that have skills to offer. By sparking connections, you can inspire collaboration and in turn, bring your members closer together.

Discuss their needs and tailor-fit their coworking solution

Mark your new member’s one month anniversary by sending them a member feedback survey. This is a great opportunity to touch base and further assess their needs. You can ask them questions about how their experience is going so far, what other types of connections they are looking to make that you are able to help facilitate, whether they have utilized your space’s amenities and services, or improvements they’re seeking.

How to keep your coworking members past their new years resolution

Alternatively, you can schedule a quick 15-minute coffee chat to discuss these questions in person. Make sure to capture their answers in your CRM or coworking software to be able to come back to your notes in the future if needed.

Starting off the year with fresh faces and fresh ideas can be exciting and a good way to start the new year. By implementing a few simple tactics, you can retain these new coworking members beyond their New Year’s resolutions and continue toward building and growing your community.