8 ways to make the holidays extra special for your coworking community this year

Delight your members this holiday season with these ideas
By The Optix Team
November 24, 2021
Delight your members this holiday season


  • The holiday season is an opportunity to delight the members of your coworking community
  • Some ideas you can try are designing a holiday e-card, giving gift cards to your members, or organizing a get-together to celebrate the community

Traditionally, December is the month of getting together with friends and family and feeling all the warm-and-fuzzy holiday vibes. Last year’s celebrations were muted, but this holiday season is bound to put everyone back in a festive mood.

Although you may be celebrating with fewer members than previous years and not everyone may be open to gathering in person, this season is the perfect excuse to connect and revive the community spirit. It is time to bring people together in the gradual return to “normalcy”.

The question arises: how exactly do you navigate the complexity of our times while recreating holiday magic for your dispersed community? Read on to find out.

Thank your loyal member base and make them feel extra special 🙏

First things first, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to thank your existing members for sticking with you through these challenging times. Here are some ways you can go the extra mile to create some extra cheer and celebrate them for the rockstars that they are:

1. Design your own holiday e-card: The holidays are the time to go the extra mile. Instead of a simple email message, you could craft a branded holiday e-card and either post it to your Community Feed or link to it with a Web Extension for easy access within the app.

Guaranteed to instantly grab your members’ attention, this is a colorful way to share your best wishes for the holiday.

Making your holidays special for your coworking members

2. Add new member perks: There’s no better way to say thank you to your community than free stuff. Take a look at the perks you currently offer and see if you can bring in new ones. Then share the great news as your holiday gift to your lucky members!

3. Let members pick their own gift cards: Perks aren’t the only way to give something special. Team up with a local neighborhood coffee or artisanal store and give members a $10+ gift card to order themselves something that they’d like! They may even offer your community a special discount – win-win-win!

4. Host a contest for the “most creative” holiday decorations: Many members might not be willing or able to come into your coworking space to see your coworking space decked out in holiday decor. Instead, take the holiday spirit online and invite your members to share photos of their own decorations and award the “most creative” ones.

5. Send out a short survey: More than anything people like to feel heard. Letting your members know you’re listening and sending out a survey, not only strengthens your relationship with your community but also could give you some valuable insights. Check out our article to get some tips when collecting member feedback (plus a free template!).

Spread the joy and check in with former and prospective members 🎄

In the current climate, remember that many of your former members may be wary of home offices and itching to return to your coworking space. Add upcoming January resolutions to the mix and suffice to say your coworking space might be receiving a boost in memberships. January has consistently ranked as the most popular month to join a coworking space.

Prospective community members are much more likely to choose your coworking space if it’s recommended by their friends or colleagues. Thus, sending season’s greetings to your network of former and prospective members can set you up for success in the coming year. Here are some creative ways to do so:

6. Mail out physical holiday cards: You can never go wrong with a simple holiday greeting. It’s a great way to reach people and impart some joy. You could even add an anecdote or two about your members’ success stories to inspire them to join your thriving community.

7. Send a care package: What’s better than a card? A care package with some carefully curated items or swag (preferably branded with your logo) to send some extra love to your network.

Making your holidays special for your coworking members

8. Organize a virtual or in-person holiday get-together: The pandemic has isolated many of us and people are longing for social interactions. Thus, hosting a virtual holiday party with your entire member base – old, new, and prospects – will bring people together – potentially from the safety of their homes or in person if you and your community are comfortable with it! If you’re hosting a fully-virtual event, set an agenda from the get-go. Slot in time for some virtual entertainment and fun and games to get everyone involved. To draw in your current members, you can post the event using the Events app and add a push notification to your Community feed.

Set yourself up for success and get ready for the next year

Don’t miss the chance to end this year on a high. Reconnecting with your community – old and new – will ensure that you head into January with happy members, positive referrals, and possibly some new or returning members.

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