5 Integrations to Elevate Your Member Onboarding Experience

Learn how integrations can power your new member onboarding experience, elevating the process of joining your venue
By The Optix Team
March 29, 2017
New member integrations from Optix

Imagine this–a new member joins your coworking space and they receive a warm welcome into your community in the form of: a shoutout on your venue’s Slack channel, an email prompt to sign their membership agreement online, a notification that they’re on your venue’s newsletter list, and an invitation to your venue’s Thursday afternoon Happy Hour… all without you having to lift a finger. This level of support ensures your new members feel like a part of your community from day one and leaves an impression that you’re a competent, organized venue manager. How do you achieve this? It’s all available through our coworking member onboarding integrations, powered through our partnership with Zapier.

Optix integrations allow you to automate processes that offer your members that “wow” experience. Leveraging Zapier, simply set up an Optix action (i.e. adding a new user) to trigger an action in another software (i.e. posting a welcome message for them in your community’s Facebook group). Isn’t it time you did away with those member onboarding checklists and freed up some valuable time in the process?

Below, learn more about the many different ways that you can leverage our pre-made Zaps to make the transition from prospective to current member as seamless as possible.

1. Keep your new members in the know by adding them to your mailing list

Introducing coworking analytics on Optix

If you manage your various newsletters through Mailchimp, you’re going to love this one. When you set up this integration, Zapier will automatically add members into a mailing list of your choice as soon as you add them as a user within Optix. Your venue’s members will never miss out on important email communications just because you forgot to update your MailChimp list. Take the automation experience one step further by creating an automated email within MailChimp for newly added subscribers. This creates a waterfall effect–you add a user to Optix, Zapier automatically adds them to a MailChimp list, and MailChimp in turn sends them a welcome email. Finally, in addition to adding them onto a list, you’ll have the option to add them to a group within the list. For example, your list might be called something like “[My venue]’s community” and the group called “Current members.”

Note: This integration will only start working once you enable it (meaning it won’t retroactively add all of your Optix users onto a list and a corresponding group).

2. Learn about your new members’ preferences

New member integrations from Optix

Instead of shooting into the dark, wouldn’t it be great to gather a bit of information about what your new members want out of their coworking experience? By setting up one of the above integrations, you can automatically send your new members a survey as soon as you add them to Optix as a user. New member surveys are a great way to keep track of everything from how new members are hearing about your venue to what they do for work, the types of events they’d be interested in attending to how often they’re expecting they’ll be in the office. Welcome surveys are a great way to ensure you’re always giving your members what they want.

3. Get those pesky logistics out of the way

Of course, adding new members to your venue isn’t all fun and games. At the end of the day, there are a few necessary business transactions you’ll need to get out of the way, so why not automate them? That way, you can take care of these important pieces right away and with minimal fuss. Set up one of the above integrations to send a pre-written membership contract to new members to sign online as soon as you add them as a user to your Optix account.

4. Offer your new members a warm, digital welcome

New member integrations from Optix

If you use social platforms to manage your community digitally, why not set up an integration to post a welcome message whenever you add a new user to your venue’s Optix account? Automated welcome messages serve a few purposes. They let current members know when someone new has joined the venue, which signals to them to keep their eyes out for someone new in the space and gives them a chance to reply to the post to join in welcoming your members.

If you choose to publish to a more public-facing social channel like twitter, a social shoutout for new members signals your venue is growing. This could help convince prospective members who are still on the fence to join your venue or swing by for a tour. If you set up an integration between Optix and  a private, members-only platform, such as Slack or a Facebook group, new member integrations ensure that there will be a welcome message there waiting for once they’ve been added to your venue’s Slack team or Facebook group.

5. Invite your new members to meet their community

Whether it’s Friday night ping pong tournaments or Wednesday lunchtime goal setting workshops, every coworking space runs wonderful events to connect their community of members together. When you’re the new member in town, finding organic ways to meet people can feel downright intimidating. Set up a recurring weekly event within a ticketing software, such as Picatic, and turn on this integration. Now, newly added Optix users will receive an invite to the weekly event of your choice!

Of course, these new member integrations are only the tip of the iceberg. If you’re intrigued by integrations and want to see more pre-made Zaps, check out our Zapbook page. If you don’t see the specific one you’d like to set up, contact us and we’d be more than happy to walk you through the process!