9 Online Coworking Communities to Join Right Now

Check out these nine places to connect with other operators online and grow your business.
By Kelly K
November 21, 2023
9 Online Coworking Communities to Join Right Now

Because the coworking sector is still relatively new, finding other owners and operators to connect with can be a challenge.

There are coworking conferences you can attend and private events you can organize…but what about easy ways to quickly connect with other operators and community builders? 

Enter the world of online coworking communities, a vast and vibrant community of coworking owners and operators from all over the world.

In this article, we’ll share with you why you should become a part of an online coworking community, along with nine global digital coworking communities to join to start learning and expanding your skillset right away.

Why should I join an online coworking community?

As a coworking owner, you’re well aware of the benefits of being a part of a community.

From improved mental health to greater feelings of social connection, the list goes on and on.

Joining an online coworking community created specifically for coworking owners and operators brings all of that…and more.

By joining a digital community for coworking and flex space founders, you can:

  • Get your questions answered by coworking veterans and pros in the flex industry
  • Learn from the success of other operators
  • Access exclusive content, like webinars and live events
  • Connect with like-minded trailblazers in an emerging sector

Joining an online coworking community, be it on Facebook, LinkedIn, or another platform, will help accelerate your learning and make you feel a little less alone on your coworking journey.

9 online communities for coworking owners

If you’re looking for a community to join, look no further. Here are nine online communities to help you start, run, and expand a successful business in the flex industry.

1. We Run Flex community

The We Run Flex community is a new Facebook group dedicated to connecting coworking and flex space operators to the resources and services they need to succeed in the world of flex.

Started by the Optix team, the group serves as a melting pot of voices from in and around the flex industry – from coworking thought leaders and flex space entrepreneurs to product leaders and designers. 

All are welcome to join and ask questions, share ideas and insights, and build your network of experts, whether you’re new to coworking or a seasoned business leader.

Expect sharing of industry trends, webinars, and access to exclusive AMA’s. Head on over to facebook to join in on the conversation!

Join the We Run Flex Community for Coworking and Flex Space Leaders

2. Everything Coworking

The Everything Coworking group is a Facebook group by Jamie Russo, coworking expert and Founder of The Everything Coworking podcast.

The group boasts over 2,000 coworking operators, real estate experts, community managers, and other industry experts, all dedicated to supporting one another to succeed in running profitable coworking space.

It’s a great space to check out if you want to connect with others in the coworking sector or you’re looking to learn the foundational elements of starting a coworking space.

3. Coworking Software Questions

Are you a confused operator looking for an answer to your coworking software question? Then the Coworking Software Questions group may be for you.

Created by Hector Kolonas, Founder of This Week in Coworking and Co-founder of Syncaroo, this group was created so coworking owners and operators could learn more about the wonderful world of coworking technology.

It’s a great resource for those interested in expanding their knowledge of the coworking tech stack. This article can help you choose the best coworking software for your business.  

4. GCUC Coworking Forum

Coworking Conferences and Community

If you’ve ever been to a GCUC conference, then you may know of the GCUC Coworking Forum on Facebook. 

Created by GCUC, this group serves as an online extension of the community cultivated through their global unconferences. Stay in the know on GCUC events and content via their Facebook forum.

5. Coworking Group

Coworking is the biggest coworking group on LinkedIn with over 7,000 members to date. The group is for anyone who is interested or involved in coworking, attracting a number of owners and operators, along with thought leaders in the space.

Coworking is the ideal group if you’re looking to keep up to date on coworking events and trends around the globe, as well as share in others’ enthusiasm for the coworking industry at large.

6. r/CoWorking

r/CoWorking is the only subreddit on Reddit dedicated to all things coworking. With over 1,000 members, this group is an anonymous place to seek answers to your burning coworking questions.

Although not dedicated exclusively to coworking owners and operators, it does attract a number of people who are behind the scenes in a coworking space, as well as coworking enthusiasts.

7. The Lab

The Lab is a paid community of coworking owners and operators created by Cat Johnson, coworking and content expert, and thought leader. 

This community is created to help coworking owners and operators successfully market their indie coworking spaces, complete with office hours, group coaching, and a dedicated Slack channel.

Here, owners and operators support one another by offering feedback, ideas, and best practices in order to build thriving coworking brands.

8. Global Coworking Forum

Online Coworking Community and Forum

One of the original digital coworking groups, the Global Coworking Forum, is the “#1 place in the world to discuss topics and share ideas related to coworking.”

There are a number of channels in this group, each dedicated to specific coworking topics including Business/Operations, Marketing/Communications, Space Design, Research & Insights, and more.

It is moderated by Alex Hillman, one of the original coworking owners/operators, and is full of insightful conversations dating as far back as 2014.

9. Coworking Leadership Slack Channel

The Coworking Leadership group is a slack channel empowering coworking owners and operators to connect with one another in a direct and instantaneous way.

The Slack channel is affiliated with the Global Coworking Forum, along with the Coworking Visa program (all resources can be found on the website 

This OG resource is great for chatting with other owners and operators and learning from those who have had success in the space, with a number of channels dedicated to specific topics in coworking.

Join a digital coworking community today

From Facebook groups for flex experts to Slack channels for coworking pros, there’s an online group for everyone in the world of coworking.

If you want to connect with like-minded professionals and access insights that are not available anywhere else, then joining an online community may be just what you need. 

We’d love to have you in We Run Flex – check out our community today! Don’t be shy to introduce yourself after joining.

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