Top 10 Co-warehousing Spaces in North America

The best co-warehousing spaces across the US and Canada
By Kelly K
June 16, 2022
Top 10 co-warehousing spaces in North America

The rise of ecommerce means there are now more small business owners needing warehousing facilities and logistics services than ever before.

But figuring out how to navigate these services as a first-time business owner can feel next to impossible.

That’s where co-warehousing comes in. Co-warehousing aims to support entrepreneurs by providing them with all the warehousing amenities they need to run a successful business.

In part one of our series, we explored the ins and outs of co-warehousing with the help of Optix client, Shedpoint.

In part two, we’re diving deeper into co-warehousing by exploring 10 of the top co-warehousing facilities in North America. Hear their stories, see their spaces, and learn what makes them stand out above the rest.

Top 10 Co-warehousing Spaces in North America


50+ locations around the world | @cubeworkus

Cubework - top cowarehousing space

Cubework is a co-warehousing network with over 50 locations around the world (and growing!). Although their operation may be large, their service is intimate, with a community-driven mission and a commitment to putting their clients first.

This means offering short-term leases, flexible rental terms, and a large number of services and amenities that a growing business would need to be successful. It also means facilitating networking opportunities between members so new and established entrepreneurs can learn from each other and grow together.

Cubework is disrupting the warehousing and coworking industry by bringing flexible, affordable storage space to growing e-commerce companies in over 50 locations in 17 states, helping SMEs to maintain profitable growth at scale. What makes Cubework a premier choice is what we provide the client. Cubework warehouses have gated, secure parking lots, on-site Community Managers, truck load/unloading docks, forklift rentals, plus offices, cubicles, break, conference and game rooms available, and many amenities are included, such as Wi-Fi, coffee/tea/bottled water, 24-7 access, CAM/OpEx/business property taxes, and most utilities. Cubework’s network of spaces enables businesses to operate anywhere, without the burden of setup costs or capital investment.
Christine Wei, CCO at Cubework


25+ locations in North America | @pickreadyspaces

ReadySpaces - top cowarehousing space

ReadySpaces is a co-warehousing network with locations across the US and Canada. They believe in creating a culture of innovation – a space where small business owners can come together, learn from each other and support one another to take their business to the next level.

Their warehousing facilities are designed to support businesses of a variety of sizes and can scale with them as they grow. Their turnkey solution minimizes growing pains for new entrepreneurs, and gives them the biggest chance of achieving their long-term goals.

ReadySpaces’ mission is to empower small businesses to create, innovate and succeed by providing flexible, cost-effective co-warehousing space that scales with their business; gives members the tools and services they need, and fosters creativity with collaborative work environments for like-minded entrepreneurs across the country.
Ready Spaces


Roswell, GA | @room2workroswell

Room2Work - top cowarehousing spaces

Room2Work is a coworking and warehouse facility in Atlanta, Georgia. In the two and a half years they’ve been open, they’ve helped hundreds of small business owners and micro entrepreneurs get their start and turn their dreams into a reality.

Their offerings are unique, including access to a licensed food storage space that can be used for storage for restaurants and food-based ecommerce companies. They also have an on-demand podcasting studio to help businesses foster their creativity and nail their growth strategy.

Room2Work is a co-warehousing facility that caters to the needs of small business entrepreneurs. Co-warehousing facilities can really change the dynamics of starting a business, making it easier to start a business and grow it past just being in your garage. We want to work with small businesses and take an entrepreneur from being an idea on a kitchen table and turn it into an actual working business.
Alan Crow, Founder and CEO at Room2Work


5 locations across the US | @joinsaltbox

Saltbox - top cowarehousing spaces

Saltbox is a co-warehousing chain with locations in major cities across the US. They’ve built a brand for themselves centered around beautifully designed spaces and all-inclusive services made to fit their client’s needs.

Their goal is to make logistics “approachable, accessible, and efficient for all.” Not only will you have access to warehouse spaces, office spaces, and flexible logistics at Saltbox, you’ll also be a part of a thriving community of hundreds of entrepreneurs who support each other to do their best work.


Calgary, AB | @shedpoint

Shedpoint - top cowarehousing spaces

Shedpoint is a Calgary based co-warehousing facility “created by young entrepreneurs, for young entrepreneurs”. Their flexible membership offerings and beautifully designed office spaces make them a desirable place for budding ecommerce businesses to get their start.

Shedpoint offers more than just a space to start a business however – they also offer a sense of community and a wide variety of services designed to support early-stage startups. This includes an on-site logistics coordinator, professional photography equipment, and a recording studio all under one roof.

Learn more about Optix client, Shedpoint, in our ultimate guide to co-warehousing.

Shedpoint is a co-warehousing community dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and local businesses grow and succeed. We started Shedpoint because we saw a huge gap in the market - all the flexible workspace and business support services were tailored to tech and knowledge workers. After a lot of market research, we knew that by bringing a similar value proposition of flexible and custom real estate options to companies that need industrial space, we could provide a launchpad for the next wave of great local businesses.
Jesse Brown, General Manager at Shedpoint

Crate Warehouse

Houston, TX | @cratewarehouse1

Crate - top cowarehousing spaces

Crate Warehouse is a co-warehousing space providing flexible warehouse solutions to a variety of businesses of all different sizes. Their affordable membership packages are all-inclusive, complete with access to forklifts, loading docks, conferences, janitorial supplies, and more.

Their main focus is on three things: security, efficiency, and comfort. This means providing their members with controlled access to facilities, 24/7 video surveillance, and on-site resources easily available to reserve at no extra cost.

The Light House Cowork (Leduc Cowork)

Leduc, AB | @leduc.cowork

The Light House Coworking - top cowarehousing spaces

The Light House Cowork is a coworking and warehouse facility focused on connection, community, and collaboration. They aim to serve the varied needs of their community by offering everything from co-warehousing to virtual offices to makerspaces all under one roof.

Their affordable warehouse facility includes loading bays, secure storage, a business address, and so much more to support entrepreneurs looking to start and grow their business. It’s no wonder then why they’re beloved by their community, with an average 5-star rating on Google and glowing reviews from happy members.

The Light House Cowork in Leduc, AB Canada offers a variety of co-warehousing options which might include anything from a 4x8 industrial shelving unit to a loading dock, or full warehouse bay. Co-warehousing allows their members to use as much or as little space as needed and take advantage of having someone onsite to handle shipping and receiving for them. The Light House Cowork has helped a new business launch by doing a short term rental of warehouse bay to a new entrepreneur who completely renovated an industrial trailer into a mobile coffee bar. Or existing businesses who are on job sites the majority of the time and need a 24/7 facility to store and then assemble products to take to site.
Emily Quiring, Community Host at The Light House Cowork

The Loading Dock

North Carolina | @loadingdock_co

The Loading Dock - top cowarehousing spaces

The Loading Dock is a co-warehousing company with four locations across North Carolina, each with its own unique flair. Their long list of amenities include 24/7 access, dog-friendly work spaces, and beautiful event and meeting room spaces to rent across their locations.

With over 600 members, The Loading Dock is home to a supportive, inclusive, and diverse community of entrepreneurs and business owners. No matter which location you choose to work out of, you’ll always be met with an enthusiastic attitude and a supportive environment of passionate individuals.

I started The Loading Dock because it was exactly what I needed when I started my first company, Murphy's Naturals, out of my garage in Raleigh, North Carolina. There are high hurdles to clear when you are an entrepreneur, so we created a space that serves both the office and operational sides of business. The cowarehouse model helps lower the hurdles and cultivate a supportive community that's essential when growing a business.
Phillip Freeman, Founder and CEO at The Loading Dock


Calgary, AB | @gotradespace

TradeSpace - top cowarehousing spaces

TradeSpace is a Canadian co-warehousing facility of over 100 members offering coworking, warehousing services, and custom fulfillment. Founded by two members of the construction industry, TradeSpace aims to serve the needs of those in manufacturing, ecommerce, trades, and many more.

At TradeSpace, it’s all about collaboration and community support. Their on-demand warehousing facilities, flexible membership options, and close-knit community means entrepreneurs and business owners will be well-supported throughout the entirety of their business journey.

One of the biggest challenges ecommerce companies face is staffing. We’ve structured TradeSpace so we can do shipping and receiving on behalf of our members - that way, they don’t have to be there for a shipment to arrive. Our mission is to enable our member’s full potential. These are the little things along the way that help us do that.
Jordan Tetreau, Co-Founder at TradeSpace


Miami, FL | @palletizedfl

Palletized - top cowarehousing spaces

Palletized is a co-warehousing facility in Miami, Florida designed to be a one-stop shop for ecommerce companies. They are unique in that they offer fulfillment services, delivering your products directly to your customer without you needing to worry about it.

These fulfillment services are a huge selling point for Palletized. By taking the stress out of fulfillment, they enable their members to grow and scale their business that much faster, at an affordable cost.

As ecommerce continues to grow in popularity, as will the need for on-demand and flexible warehousing facilities. There is a big opportunity to take advantage of this by opening a coworking and warehousing facility in your area.

Want to learn more about co-warehousing? Check out the ultimate guide to co-warehousing by Optix.

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