What’s New in Optix: July 2023

We're always working on improving our product. Learn about what we've added to Optix in July 2023.
By The Optix Team
July 26, 2023
Fillter your Marketplace data along with new custom color options for Plans and Passes

This month, we are excited to announce improvements to how you filter your Marketplace data in Optix along with new custom color options for Plans and Passes. Read on to hear what’s new in the platform this month! 

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For admins: Filter Marketplace sales

You can now quickly and easily sort through your Marketplace sales with advanced filters! Filter your sales by a variety of data points including product tags, payment status, sales date, and labels to easily find what you’re looking for.

You may want to filter out all sales with an overdue payment status to easily see who you need to follow up with for payment. Or, filter all sales to the last three months and export it for deeper analysis.

With sales filters, you’ll have a better understanding of how your Marketplace products are performing over time.

Check out this FAQ to learn more about filtering Marketplace sales. 

For admin: Set a custom color for Plans and Passes

Create a cohesive brand experience with custom colors for Plans and Passes. 

You can now use a color code of your choice when creating a Plan Template or Pass in Optix, allowing you to perfectly match your brand colors in the mobile app for users. This gives you increased control over how your brand is represented in the mobile app. 

You can then promote the top Plans and Passes of your choice on the home screen of your mobile app to give more visibility to your membership options.

Check out this FAQ to learn more about how to create a Plan Template and update your colors

ICYMI: New Settings

New and improved Settings for admins

Last month, we introduced a new and improved Settings to your admin dashboard.

In doing so, your Settings are now easier to navigate and easier to understand thanks to detailed descriptions, handy Pro Tips, and thoughtful category groupings.

With this enhanced design, you’ll feel empowered to find all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Go to your dashboard now to experience the power of your New Settings.


New features are coming to Optix

As always, there are many new features coming to Optix that we can’t wait to share with you.

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