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Optix and Xero Integration

The Optix and Xero integration is designed to simplify your accounting process and improve your overall operational efficiency. 

  • Gain a better understanding of where your revenue is coming from 
  • Simplify new user onboarding processes 
  • Create clean and clear financial records 
  • Diversify your acceptable payment methods

Xero is an online, cloud-based accounting software that helps you improve your cash flow and manage your business better. It is fully mobile, meaning you can manage your finances at any time, from any place.

Follow the steps below to set up the integration between Optix and Xero:

  1. Install the Xero app in Optix
  2. Follow the prompts and select your preferences to allow access to your Xero organization
  3. Click the Sync to Xero button

For more information on how to connect Optix and Xero, check out our FAQ

  • Automatically create invoices in Xero when an invoice is finalized in Optix
  • Create credit notes in Xero if the Optix invoice total is negative
  • Synchronize credit allocations when credit is applied from one Optix invoice to another
  • Create and update user info in Xero when a new user is created in Optix
  • Adopt Xero invoice numbering in Optix
  • Synchronize payments (two-way) and refunds (one-way) when payments are made in either Optix or Xero
  • Map Optix invoice items to Xero accounts
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Connecting Optix with Xero makes it easier than ever to have a seamless invoicing and accounting experience.