Choosing a new coworking software? Answer these 5 questions first

The top five things you need to ask yourself before choosing your coworking software provider.
By The Optix Team
January 10, 2018
What to know before choosing a coworking software

Deciding on a coworking software is no easy undertaking and it’s a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. How do you make sure you’re making an informed decision? Carefully consider your answers to these five important questions.

1. What do your members want?

What to know before choosing a coworking software

When preparing to implement a coworking software, it can be easy to fixate on your needs. However it’s a mistake to forget your members. By choosing a coworking software platform, you’re also choosing a tool which will impact the day-to-day lives of your members. What do they care about? Make sure to involve your community in your decision. As a result, you can ensure you find a solution which delights everyone.

2. How does your future software provider plan to make your transition as smooth as possible?

Getting your software up and running won’t happen overnight. Make sure you’ve gotten clear on how the software provider’s team plans to transition you onto the new software. If you’ll be transitioning off of a different software, be sure to find out what process they have in place for you to port over your existing data.

Opening a brand new coworking space? For you, the transition plan will consist of the onboarding and training period. Make sure your provider is capable to getting you up to speed with your new technology platform before you officially open your doors to the public.That way, you can set your business up for a successful launch and begin collecting leads.

3. What timelines are you working with?

What to know before choosing a coworking software

Determine clear timelines to set expectations. Make sure you’re on the same page about the process of getting started with your new software. If you’re a brand new space and are planning to open the doors in 3 months, ask how long it’ll take to set up the software and when the company recommends getting started. If you are looking at three different softwares and planning to commit to a decision within a week, communicate this to the software providers to ensure they have time to show you the capabilities of their software to arm you with the data you’ll need to make an empowered decision.

4. Will your new coworking software be capable of integrating with your high-priority tools?

What to know before choosing a coworking software

Another important consideration is which tools you’d need to integrate with your software. Perhaps you have a number of tools already in place that you’d want to integrate with your coworking software to ensure a smooth transition. Maybe you’re planning on installing a type of access control system that you’d need to integrate with your software’s membership plans. Therefore, it’s important to consider your entire toolkit and make sure that the tools you use all work together in one integrated system.

One of the wonderful pieces of software out there to help with these integrations is Zapier. Through Zapier, connect your coworking software with 1,000+ of the tools you already know and love, making it easier than ever to create one robust management system. Curious to see some examples of what types of integrations you can implement? Check out our Integrations feature page.

5. Do you see an opportunity for this software provider to become a long-term partner?

What to know before choosing a coworking software

Some companies out there simply interested in selling you a software, whereas others can become a true technology partner for you. This is an opportunity to create a relationship that will help you achieve your business dreams and help you bring your coworking space’s vision to life. Therefore just as you would conduct an interview if hiring a new employee, it’s important to consider what type of partnership you’re entering into with the company behind your software.

Do their product goals align with how you plan to manage your business? Is the product constantly growing and evolving to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of coworking? What type of help center and support staff does the team have in place to help you should you run into technical difficulties? Considering the longer-term implications of entering into this partnership will help you make sure you’re choosing a software that will truly elevate your business.

At the end of the day, choosing your coworking software provider is no easy task. It’s a process that takes lots of time, energy, and careful consideration. Interested in seeing what Optix can do for your coworking space? Get started for free today.