LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Coworking Spaces

Discover the different ways you can use LinkedIn to successfully market your coworking space. Read this article for more information.
By Guest Contributor
March 2, 2023
Learn How to Market Your Coworking Space Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often an untapped opportunity for coworking space owners and operators. This platform consists of more than 900 million members across over 200 countries around the world, a part of which are remote workers, independent professionals, and small business owners.

Focusing on this group of individuals provides your coworking space with the potential to reach a larger audience and create new opportunities for collaboration and growth. By optimizing your LinkedIn presence, you can build relationships with professionals who can turn into your loyal customers.

So, if you’re looking for more ideas on how to market your coworking space, starting with LinkedIn is a great first step. However, you should create a strategy before fully plunging into this social media platform. Doing so allows you to prepare yourself and your team members for any potential challenges that could arise.

Building a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for Your Coworking Space

Coming up with a marketing strategy for your coworking space’s LinkedIn account might seem challenging at first. But once you break down the steps and tackle one thing at a time, you’ll be able to create a strategy that suits your business’s needs and goals.

Create a LinkedIn Company Page

You might already have a personal LinkedIn profile that you use in promoting your coworking space. However, if you want your target audience to see your brand front and center, you should create a LinkedIn Company Page. It also provides your clients with a way to connect with, learn more about, and follow your company.

This additional page should be separate from your personal profile and only contain updates and content regarding your coworking space. To make managing your company page more effective, you can invite your team members to help you by sharing updates and posts.

You should also optimize your company page for SEO by adding keywords that users may search for to your content. For example, if your coworking space is in Arizona, you can use the terms “Arizona freelancers,” “coworking space in Arizona,” and “Arizona office rental” in your copy. Doing so will help clients who may be searching for your services find your business much easier.

Post Regularly

Post on LinkedIn Regularly

Once you’re finished setting up your company page, you need to focus on your consistency. Similar to other social media platforms, LinkedIn needs constant updates if you want your coworking space to gain traction and attention.

When it comes to updating, you should diversify your content to keep your audience engaged and interested. You can share blog posts, offer discounts, create polls or surveys, and share news about coworking. You can even share stories about the people who work at your coworking space to help humanize your brand.

Share Original Content

Although sharing other people’s content is beneficial as it can help your audience see different perspectives, you should also focus on creating and sharing original content. Doing so allows you to showcase your coworking space’s unique services and offerings, allowing potential clients to make informed decisions.

You can also use this opportunity to establish your brand’s authority in the coworking space industry. You can achieve this by sharing your insights regarding the industry and showcasing the projects you and your team are working on.

Then, you can boost the posts on your company page by republishing them on your personal profile. Doing this will trigger LinkedIn’s push notifications and tell your connections and followers that you’ve shared something new.

Add Value to Group Conversations

LinkedIn can be quite overwhelming for new users because everyone from different industries just seems to coexist on the platform without any form of organization. Fortunately, there are LinkedIn Groups that you can join that focus on topics and interests that relate to your coworking space.

To use LinkedIn Groups to your advantage, you should search for local groups that consist of independent professionals, small business owners, remote workers, and other people who might be interested in your coworking space. You can also try looking for groups that focus on coworking spaces or shared workspaces to narrow your search.

Once you’ve joined the group, you should start participating in conversations and add value to discussions. Instead of spamming them with promotional links, try looking for posts that you can answer or provide helpful advice. This allows you to establish your brand as a valuable resource for your target audience and a trustworthy company that knows its industry well.

Make the Most Out of People’s Desire for Connection

Market and Make the Most Out of People’s Desire for Connection on LinkedIn

One of the greatest reasons individuals visit coworking spaces even when they have the opportunity to work at home or any other place is their desire for connection. Yes, remote work offers various benefits, but it can be quite lonely working alone for hours on end. Fortunately, coworking spaces provide individuals with an opportunity to work alongside other professionals whenever they want to.

If you want to resonate with your target audience, you should leverage their need for connection. Tell them stories of collaboration and invite them to join coworking spaces. You can also consider hosting webinars or other virtual events your target audience can participate in.

By tapping into this need, you can exponentially increase your chances of expanding your network while also providing value to potential clients.

Take Advantage of Showcase Pages

Another LinkedIn feature that can help you market your coworking space is the Showcase Pages option. This serves as an extension of your company page, where you can highlight a service, product, or promotion.

Showcase Pages allow you to provide more information about a particular offering and direct potential customers who are interested in that specific service or product. You can even use it to promote special events in your coworking space and encourage more people to sign up.

By using Showcase Pages, you can easily show potential clients why they should choose your coworking space. When they see what you can offer, they can make an informed decision that is tailored to their needs.

Try LinkedIn Ads

Another LinkedIn marketing idea that you should include in your strategy is the use of paid ads. This is a great way to promote your coworking space as it allows you to target particular demographics and interests. You can also create ads tailored to your target audience’s needs and interests.

When you create an ad, you should consider using keywords your target audience is likely to search for. This will ensure that you are targeting the right people and giving them a reason to choose your coworking space.

Update Your Website

Even if you’re using LinkedIn to promote your coworking space, you should remember that your website is the main component of your marketing efforts. No matter what platform you use, your campaigns will always lead users to your website. So, you should make sure that it is updated and optimized for conversions.

Your website should have all the information your target audience needs to make an informed decision. This includes information about your coworking space, pricing, contact details, and any special offers you might have. You should also make sure that it is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

Show Appreciation to Your Biggest Fans

Group of people standing together

Finally, you should remember to show appreciation to your biggest fans. This means thanking those who have recommended, shared, or commented on your content. You can also send personalized messages or even thank-you gifts. This will show your target audience that you appreciate and value their opinion.

Reach More Potential Coworking Space Clients With LinkedIn

By leveraging the power of LinkedIn and other marketing strategies, you can easily promote your coworking space and stand out from competitors. Just remember to focus on your target audience’s needs, create ads and content that resonates with them, and use the various LinkedIn tools available to show users what you can offer.

Once you’re able to convert your LinkedIn followers to actual clients, make sure that their experience in your coworking space meets their expectations. You can do this by modernizing your space using Optix, the coworking space software for leading operators. Learn more about its features today!

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