Optix 2022 Feature Roundup

From new integrations to our All New Plans and Passes, see the highlights of what we added to the Optix platform in 2022.
By The Optix Team
December 19, 2022
Optix 2022 Feature Roundup Review

As we close an exciting and successful year at Optix, we look back at some of the new features and functionality we’ve built in 2022. We’ve added features to provide an even more streamlined member experience, as well as more flexibility and control over what you’re able to do in Optix.

Here’s a brief overview of the many exciting Optix updates unveiled in 2022, and more to come in 2023!

Optix is the #1 Coworking Management Software for User Experience

Optix coworking software for member experience

This year we were recognized as the coworking management software with the Best User Experience in Coworking Resources’ Coworking Software Report! Our mission is to enable dynamic workplaces with the best user experience and this recognition is a reflection of our attention to and obsession with user experience.

All New Plans & Passes

All New Plans and Passes in Optix

Our largest release of the year, All New Plans & Passes, included a number of new features including: 

  • Custom Plans and Plan Templates
  • Passes
  • Allowance
  • Custom Currency
  • Free Trials

This update gives you more flexibility and control over how users access and pay for using your space and resources, enabling new business models and helping you create a better experience for your users.

Unlock your Kisi-enabled doors with your white-labeled app

Unlock Your Doors with Optix using Kisi Integration

We updated the Optix and Kisi integration to enable users to open Kisi-enabled doors with a white-labeled Optix app.

This eliminates the need for the Kisi app and streamlines the user experience. Users are now able to open and tap your branded app directly on the Kisi access control system.

Improve your internet security with IronWiFi

optix and IronWiFi integration

We released a new integration to support streamlining your check-in process and leveling up your internet security, our integration with IronWiFi.

This integration allows admins to manage WiFi access in their workspace, measure who is present in the space at any given time, and automate the Optix check-in process for members.

Encourage mobile app adoption with QR codes 

Custom QR codes with the Optix app for your coworking or flex space

This month, we launched custom QR codes! With QR codes, you can link to a specific resource’s booking screen – perfect for placing in meeting rooms and phone booths! – and if a member doesn’t have the app yet, they’ll be prompted to download it first. 

Customize the look and feel of your QR codes: include your logo, choose your color and styling, and more. 

Showcase promos with the Perks App

Perks for coworking members

One of our most popular features this year was Perks. The Perks App makes it easier for you to showcase promos and benefits to your community in collaboration with your partners.

This fully customizable app can be installed in your admin dashboard, allowing you to create, manage, and promote offers to your users directly in the Optix app.

We launched a new website!

New website

Last but not the least, we launched a new Optix website to deliver an even better user experience and to continue to be a valued resource for our global community and partners.


This year,we’ve worked hard to build and improve our product so that your business can thrive! Interested in learning more about Optix? Book a free demo here. On to great things together in 2023!