Why Printing Remains Relevant in the Age of Digitalization

Printing is an important aspect of any coworking space. Find out why in this article.
By The Optix Team
December 5, 2019
How to manage printing in coworking spaces

This article is written by ezeep, a cloud printing and print management solution. Check out this blog to learn more about the Optix and ezeep integration.

In an environment of ever-increasing digitization, many freelancers and coworkers work primarily from their mobile devices. Thanks to the creation of a number of apps and software solutions, documents that are housed on a desktop computer can also be accessed while on the go – airline tickets, proposals, invoices and more can often be easily retrieved on a smartphone. However, a number of studies, some of which we’ve included below, have shown that many professionals also enjoy and sometimes even prefer to read text on paper.

How to manage printing in coworking spaces

One study, conducted by Two Sides and Toluna, that surveyed 11,000+ participants in 10 countries, highlighted professional’s preferences for reading various types of documents. The study highlighted participant’s preferences of reading printed versions of books (72%), periodicals (72%) and news (55%) when compared to their digital options. Participants believed that they gained a deeper understanding of the facts when they read from print media compared to online news sources. Additionally, 71% of participants expressed concerns regarding data protection and 73% believed that keeping printouts at home was a safer and more reliable way to store information.

Another study conducted by coworking magazine, Deskmag, showcased that on average coworking members valued access to printing. At 80%, printing was even more important to coworking members than access to meeting rooms (76%), a cafe (61%) or a kitchen (52%).

How to manage printing in coworking spaces

Many coworking spaces and flexible office providers alike seek to find printing solutions to provide their members with the best possible service. Members want to be able to print quickly and easily. This equates to streamlined printing in every situation. ezeep was developed specially for coworking spaces – enabling venue managers to not have to worry about printer drivers, operating systems and end devices, while enabling members to print easily at anytime. With an effective print management strategy, printing can also serve as another revenue stream for your business. Check out the definitive guide to print management and enable the ezeep Optix integration today.


Christoph Hammer, SVP for Cloud Services at ThinPrint

Christoph Hammer is one of the driving forces behind the development and growth of ezeep, a cloud printing and print management solution. First as CEO of ezeep and now as SVP for Cloud Services at ThinPrint, Christoph focuses on creating a platform that simplifies printing for operators and users while increasing visibility and improving sustainability.