Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

From new mobile features for your members to a redesign of the manager’s web dashboard, see everything we’ve added to Optix in 2017.
By The Optix Team
December 13, 2017
Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

It’s been a busy, busy year for the Optix team. From in-app payments to a community directory, daily check-ins to multi-venue management, the Optix of today looks a whole lot different than it did last January. With only a few weeks left in the calendar year, we figured it was high time to take a look back at some of the amazing new features we built over the last twelve months.

So without further ado, let’s round out the year with a high-level overview of a selection of our favorite new Optix features.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

Multi-venue management

An exciting evolution in the Optix platform, multi-venue management is a game-changer. We created Optix to support you in elevating your workplace experience through allowing you to provide more flexibility and value for your members. With multi-venue management, manage your entire organization through a branded platform that utilizes a mobile-first solution, one designed to grow with you as the needs of your business evolve over time.

Learn more about multi-venue management.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

Self-onboarding for new members

If you’d like to offer prospective members the option to register their own accounts, take advantage of our member self-onboarding! When a new member joins your coworking space, they can download your venue’s app, attach a credit card to their account, and choose a plan to get themselves set up.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

Community directory and messaging

The magic of a coworking space often comes down to the tight-knit, supportive community. With Optix Connect, allow your members the opportunity to stay connected with their physical community at all times from their mobile phone. With a searchable member directory and member-to-member messaging, your members are never more than a tap away from their colleagues and friends.

Learn more about Optix Connect.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

In-app invoices and payments

Ultimately, your business relies on receiving payments from your members in a timely manner. Why not make it easy on them? With in-app invoices, your members can review and pay for their invoices anytime, anywhere.

Learn more about in-app invoices and payments.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

Daily check-ins

For coworking spaces that want to allow their members to check in for the day and feel free to roam about the venue, popping in and out of desk spaces and phone booths without worrying about reserving a specific desk for their day of work, meet daily check-ins. Offer your members days of access per month or year. When a member shows up for a day of work, they can check into the venue with a quick tap on their phone and then settle in to work for the day, simple as that.

Learn more about daily check-ins for members and daily check-ins for managers.

In-app plan review

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

Gone are the days of keeping your members in the dark when it comes to their plan’s allowances. With in-app plans, your members can approve or deny pending plan requests, review the details of the plan (or plans) on their account, and see how many hours of access they have remaining in the current month.

Learn more about in-app plan review.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

A new and improved manager’s dashboard

In an effort to provide a more delightful and intuitive experience for our clients, we updated the look and feel of the manager’s web dashboard last month. In addition to a visual overhaul, we added a few new features such as new filtering options and side panels to offer a high-level overview of your members’ accounts.

Learn more about the updated manager’s dashboard.

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

Coworking analytics

Take the guesswork out of managing your operations with coworking analytics. Explore quantitative success metrics for your users, plans, invoices, and bookings. Determine how your plans are contributing to your monthly recurring revenue, monitor the growth rates of your membership base, and so much more!

Learn more about coworking analytics.

Report an issue

Optix 2017 Feature Roundup

The next time one of your members finds that the Wi-Fi’s slowed down unexpectedly or a cord is missing on the meeting room projector, they can whip out their phone and send you a quick issue report to let you know. Members can attach a photo to their report, as well as a comment and a specific location within your venue.

Learn more about report an issue.

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