Introducing: Connect, Our New Community Features

Optix has gone social! Learn more about our in-app messaging and directory for your coworking space’s members.
By The Optix Team
May 16, 2017
Introducing: Connect, Our New Community Features

The day has arrived: your members can connect with one another in-app. We’ve launched our first wave of new community features which allow your coworking members to chat with each other within your venue’s white label mobile app!! This means your members can perform a wide variety of actions within their app. They’ll be able to explore the directory of your venue’s members, chat amongst themselves through two-way messaging, receive venue-wide announcements in-app, and more! Learn more about Connect below, and how it will improve the experience of being a part of your coworking space’s community.

Two-way, in-app messaging: Enable your members to build and maintain their professional connections within your coworking space

Introducing: Connect, Our New Community Features

Connect enhances the in-person interactions amongst members at your coworking space. One user might send a message to continue a conversation that they started with another member in the kitchen while making coffee in the morning. Another might send a link to their fellow coworker because they know she’s been looking for a freelancer to help rebrand her business. The in-app messaging, available within the Connect section of your venue’s app, is emoticon-friendly and features an intuitive design. This means your members will feel comfortable chatting from day one!

A searchable member directory: Allow your members to find contact information for other members within seconds

Building a professional network is no easy feat. In a coworking space brimming with connection and collaboration opportunities, sometimes taking that first step (or keeping the momentum going) can be downright difficult. Enter: the in-app directory.

Now, after two of your members connect spontaneously while the waiting for their documents to print, they can pull out their phones and find each other’s profiles to keep the conversation going. Within Connect’s directory, a member can view the profiles of other members in the venue and enter right into a two-way chat once they’ve found the member they’re after. The directory is sorted by a first name, making the process of locating someone easy even when your information is limited.

Manager announcements: Your venue-wide messages show up as in-app notifications!

As a venue admin, you may have already played around with the ability to send multiple users the same message at once. Previously, these messages were sent as emails. Now, sending a message in your venue dashboard to multiple members will show up as a message from you within your members’ mobile app! This makes it easy to keep everyone at your venue informed of all important events and announcements, everything from “Happy Hour starts in 10!” to a “Friendly reminder that we’re closing down at 4pm today for a private event.” Plus, it makes it much easier for members to leverage Connect as an opportunity to open a conversation with you, no matter where they are when they receive it.

In addition, try sending a particular group of users within your venue the same message. Shoot a message to everyone who sits in the oceanfront room to give them a heads up that the windows are getting cleaned this week. Alert everyone on Startup ABC’s team that a package has arrived at the front desk whenever someone wants to swing by and pick it up. The possibilities are limitless.

One integrated platform: Enjoy seamless dashboard-to-mobile chat with your venue’s members

Introducing: Connect, Our New Community Features

By adding messaging functionality into your venue’s mobile app, it’s never been easier for venue admins to carry on seamless conversations with their venue’s members within Connect. As a venue admin, you’ll send and receive messages from a member within your web-based venue dashboard. However all of your back and forth message history with a particular user will be saved both within the user’s mobile app and within the your venue dashboard. This way, both of you can easily reference your message history within seconds.

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