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Onboarding 500 Members in 1 Year with Starthub Miami

Learn how the Starthub Miami team grew by over 500 members by offering unique incubator services and virtual offices
Starthub Miami - coworking software case study

Starthub Miami

Starthub Miami is a dynamic business center for organizations and entrepreneurs with a wide variety of needs. Initially starting out as a branch of its incubator services, this coworking space has become a leader in the virtual office market space.
“We really created a business model around the app and we integrated all our services with Optix.”
Starthub Miami - coworking software case study

Full-service business center

On opening, Starthub Miami served as an incubator space for emerging South American or European companies looking to enter the US market. They provided everything from capital support to strategic direction and development plans, and became a one-stop shop for those international companies. Soon, Starthub realized that it made sense to house some of these companies under one roof and gather everybody around a common office space.

Opening up their doors to the companies they were nurturing, they started piquing interest from the local Miami community as businesses began asking if they could work from their offices. And so, the “coworking space branch” was added to its core incubator business.

Starthub Miami - coworking software case study

Adding a technology layer and creating the right environment

David wanted technology to play a big part in amplifying his business center’s many services. As his business continued to grow and Starthub Miami became further entrenched in the coworking space, David was keen on finding a technology partner that could help keep his brand voice consistent as he continued to experiment with his center’s offerings. That’s why Optix’s easy-to-use, white-labeled app immediately resonated with him. Adding his company’s identity and brand to the app allowed Starthub to curate a premium user experience.

Using Optix’s Web User Sign-up feature, Starthub Miami users are able to sign up for the coworking space directly from the website and are immediately connected to the community through the space’s mobile app. With the mobile app, users are able to start using the space right away, from interacting with other users to booking conference rooms and hot desks to paying their invoices and membership fees.

From an administrator’s point of view, David appreciates Optix’s community feed feature as well. The ease of engaging with users in real time and sharing and posting updates without the need for marketing emails he believes helps with client retention.

“Leveraging all of Optix’s integrations and features helped us support virtual clients and virtual office companies with ease, giving us a competitive advantage over our competitors.”
Starthub Miami - coworking software case study

Overcoming scaling issues

In 2018, the company made another bold decision to aggressively target the virtual office industry and appeal to remote workers and business travellers. Concerned that the virtual office space offerings might dilute his brand identity of an exclusive, full-service executive office space, David was glad that he was able to replicate the same level of support for his virtual office clients through Optix’s feature set, specifically the in-app messaging and push notification features.

More room for growth

By catering to a new customer segment, Starthub signed up over 500 clients in 2019 alone and are hoping to double those numbers in 2020. Optix has been Starthub’s technology partner along the way to support with fueling their growth.

Looking ahead, David hopes to keep pushing the boundary using technology and is looking forward to integrating Optix with his full software stack to do so.

“The responsiveness and helpful nature of the Optix Customer Support team is truly an inspiration for us and how we run our own operations.”