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Migrating from OfficeRnD to Optix with Brooklyn Hourly Offices

Learn how Deborah and Rachael from Brooklyn Hourly Offices automated 3,000+ bookings after migrating from OfficeRnD to Optix
Brooklyn Hourly Offices Customer Story

Brooklyn Hourly Offices

Health and Wellness
Brooklyn Hourly Offices is a beautiful suite of offices and waiting rooms designed to meet the unique needs of therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals. Here’s how they elevated their user experience and simplified their operations with Optix.

Deborah Schoenblum and Rachael Berezin are the co-founders of Brooklyn Hourly Offices, a beautiful suite of offices and waiting rooms designed to serve therapists, coaches, and wellness professionals.

As practicing therapists themselves, they realized a need for on-demand offices designed specifically for those in the mental health and wellness profession. Since opening their doors, they’ve served as a safe space for practitioners, patients, and any professional in their community who is in need of a quiet and beautiful space to work.

Creating a seamless and unified experience is paramount to Deborah and Rachael. Here’s how Optix supported their community in moving away from OfficeRnD and on to Optix to create an elevated user experience.

Frustrated with complicated software

When Deborah and Rachael first opened their space, they opted to manage it through OfficeRnD, a popular space management solution that is designed for hybrid and flex workspaces.

It wasn’t long before they realized that their software was not supporting them in the way they hoped it would. The technology proved overly complicated and difficult for their users to use. 

Admins were often frustrated by things not working as they should, and the rigidity of the platform often meant that Deborah and Rachael were restricted in how they ran their business. 

The Kisi integration often experienced issues as well. Because the integration was not very seamless, users would often get multiple emails and notifications from more than one platform, resulting in frustrated and confused users. 

Eventually it became clear that their software was holding them back from achieving exceptional growth and scaling their business. 

“We would have to send out a lot of emails to explain everything. Everything was very complicated. It was hard for our users to use. There was just a lot of clunkiness.”
Rachael Berezin, co-founder at Brooklyn Hourly Offices

Seeking a better solution

Deborah and Rachael wanted a software solution that would simplify everything – like invoicing, room booking, and community management – in a reliable way. They also wanted something that would give them more flexibility and control over how they ran their business.

Optix stood out because it could offer a more streamlined and elevated user experience, while being all encompassing for what Deborah and Rachael needed it to do. 

One of the big selling points was the White-labeled App. They loved that they could offer their users a beautiful and integrated way of interacting with their space, while putting their brand front and center.

These factors combined are what led Deborah and Rachael to choose Optix as their preferred technology partner.

Rachel of Brooklyn Hourly Offices Coworking quote on Optix beautiful app

Exceptional support

Migrating software solutions can be a tricky and unpredictable process. A dedicated Customer Success Manager from Optix worked closely with the Brooklyn Hourly Offices team to ensure a smooth transition onto the platform. 

This meant supporting the translation of key concepts from OfficeRnD to Optix and various data imports so that their Optix dashboard was set up as it should be.

Throughout the process, our team ensured Deborah and Rachael were well-supported and felt confident to launch with Optix when they needed to. 

Great accomplishments with Optix

Since starting with Optix, Deborah and Rachael have had over 3,000 bookings and over 3,000 messages sent through their app. Here are some of the incredible things they’ve been able to accomplish with Optix.

Streamlined access control

The tap-to-unlock Optix and Kisi integration has been a game changer for the Brooklyn Hourly Offices community. Before, their integration with Kisi was clunky and unreliable, involving multiple apps and communication, and often leaving members confused.

Now, members can just open the branded Brooklyn Hourly Offices app on their mobile device and use it to unlock any Kisi-enabled door with just a tap. No Kisi account set-up required and no Kisi emails sent to their members. 

Not only does this increase the security of the space, it also allows for a much better user experience when accessing doors.

Automated user onboarding

To help users understand how to sign up for a plan and access the space on their own, Deborah and Rachael created a landing page dedicated to onboarding members. 

With the help of Optix, they’ve been able to create a touch-free onboarding experience, wherein users are able to buy a plan, access the space, and get all of the information they need independently.

In turn, this enables Deborah and Rachael to work off-site and step away from the physical space, without worrying about something critical not getting done.

Increased flexibility and customization

One of the things that initially attracted Deborah and Rachael to Optix was the opportunity for more flexibility and customization when it came to how they set up and managed their business.

With robust Settings and completely personalizable Plans and Passes, they’ve been able to create unique membership plans for their members as needed. This has given them a lot more flexibility with how they structure their business and monetize solutions.

Rachel of Brooklyn Hourly Offices talks about how Optix is flexible and Plans

What’s next for Brooklyn Hourly Offices?

Deborah and Rachael have achieved impressive growth over the last few years – and there’s no stopping there.

They have plans of continuing to grow Brooklyn Hourly Offices, be it by adding more community members or even adding more locations in other neighboring areas.

At the end of the day, these two incredible women have been able to create something powerful that is serving their community in beautiful and unique ways.

We are so proud to power Brooklyn Hourly Offices and support their incredible team!

“I’m proud of us. I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish. There really wasn't anything for therapists like this. It was a pretty innovative thing.”
Deborah Schoenblum, co-founder at Brooklyn Hourly Offices