15 Coworking Design Ideas to Inspire Your Space

A collection of 15 beautifully designed coworking spaces around the world
By Kelly K
March 23, 2023

How you design your coworking space will define your entire brand.

Not only do you need to think about the aesthetics of your space design, you’ll also need to consider the functionality.

Do you have enough quiet spaces? Is your open area inspiring?

If you’re creating a new coworking space (or looking to upgrade your current one), take some inspiration from these 15 beautifully designed coworking spaces, which we are proud to call our clients, from around the world!

1. Include an open workspace with a range of seating options

The Cloud Room - coworking space design

The open workspace is a quintessential element of coworking design. These drop-in areas add a fun communal feel to the workspace, not to mention a bit of character too.

They are also functionally necessary, given the rising popularity of coworking spaces amongst remote workers. You need to have open areas available for dropping in on a dime.

The Cloud Room in Seattle, WA created a beautiful, communal area in their coworking space complete with candles, comfortable furniture, and plenty of plants to liven up the room.

2. Create semi-private open areas within your space

Some people want more privacy than others. It’s a good idea to create a few quieter spaces within your open space utilizing dividers, temporary walls, or some strategically placed furniture.

The Settlement in New Zealand has designed their coworking space with dividers that section off some free work spaces from others.

This creates a bit of much needed privacy, without sectioning people off completely or closing up the space.

3. Open up your private offices

Private offices don’t need to be dark and closed-off (although some members may prefer that). Consider creating some private offices with glass doors or floor to ceiling windows to allow plenty of natural light in and add some character to the space.

Elevator Factory in Atlanta, GA designed their private studios to have transparent windows to open up the area and bring more light into the offices.

Not every member will want an office like this however. Some may be looking for something more private. Therefore,  it’s a good idea to include a mix of both in your coworking space.

4. Create unique spaces to meet

Plum Hill - coworking space design

Your gathering areas are an opportunity to make a statement. Although their design should be cohesive with the rest of your coworking space, they can be created to encompass their own unique flair.

Use your meeting spaces and gathering rooms as an opportunity to do something different and make them beautiful all on their own.

Plum Hill is a coworking space in Ohio for creative freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative agencies. The attention they put into each element of their coworking spaces makes it truly inspirational.

5. Brighten up your workspaces with a pop of color and plenty of natural light

3rdspace coworking space design

Do you want to create a fun and friendly environment? A little bit of color and a lot of light can go a long way in creating a warm and welcoming space.

3RDSPACE in Newark, NJ is a community driven coworking space. Their fun furniture and bright work areas are a reflection of the people who inhabit them.

If you feel you need something to brighten up your coworking space, consider adding a pop of color in the form of furniture, artistic arrangements, or both.

6. Enrich your space with air purifying plants

Plants serve many purposes in interior design. Not only do they make a room come to life, they also purify the air and are known to have a calming effect on the body. They can also help improve focus and increase workplace productivity.

You can go as maximalist or as minimalist as you want with your plants, such as creating a beautifully minimalist plant wall in one area of your shared workspace.

The hanging plants add some dimension while the plants themselves make for a delightfully alive coworking space.

7. Include phone booths or pods for quick privacy in an open space

With so many members on Zoom calls these days, quiet areas are a hot ticket item. If your coworking space isn’t designed with enough private spaces, you can always bring in some external phone booths, also known as pods.

They can be easily integrated into your design, even if they weren’t intended to go there. Flockd, a coworking space in Australia, found a way to make their phone booths fit the rest of their space perfectly.

Look for a design that goes with the rest of your space and make them a standout element in your coworking space.

8. Show off your personality with fun interior elements

Flock - coworking space design

There is something about a coworking space with a few unexpected elements that make you fall in love with the space.

Consider adding something to your coworking space that shows off your personality and makes it perfectly unique to you, whether it’s a piece of art or a foosball table.

Flock, a coworking space in Minneapolis, Minnesota, uses unique light fixtures throughout their space to turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary.

Some other elements to consider are ping pong or foosball tables for people to use when they need a break from their work.

9. Make your kitchen open and accessible

Barnfox - coworking space design

A kitchen is a wonderful place to bring people together. Take some inspiration from a restaurant or bar and design your kitchen to be a gathering place.

Barnfox has three locations in New York, all of them tastefully designed with their members in mind. This space in Hudson Valley includes a cozy kitchen nook, complete with barstools and an island-like set up for working or gathering.

It’s a fun, event-forward way of designing your space for more opportunities to gather in groups.

10. Take inspiration from the building you’re in

Sanctuary coworking - coworking space design

If you’re lucky enough to be in a uniquely designed building, you can use that to drive your coworking space design strategy.

Sanctuary Coworking in Kingston Ontario is located in an old church. Their coworking space is complete with stained glass windows and bright open space, inspired by its previous life as a church.

With such a stunning location, it is imperative to let that drive the design direction rather than the other way around. If you find yourself repurposing a beautiful  building with a lot of character, let that design guide you rather than the other way around.

11. Include unconventional seating options

Different people want different things. Some will want an ergonomic chair. Others will want a standing desk. And others may want a nice swinging chair to relax in at the end of the day.

If you’re looking for an unconventional element to add to your coworking space, consider switching up your seating style. Couches have long been accepted at coworking spaces, maybe a swing would be that much better,

Surf & Work Collective in the UK is equipped with a swing, pillows, and plenty of natural light to create a zen space for members to relax in.

12. Utilize exposed brick to create a warm, industrial feel

Exposed brick can bring a lot of flair to an otherwise ordinary space. The style has long been used to give off a rustic and creative feel to a room.

Lifestyle Communities has a coworking space that includes deep leather chairs, geometric elements, and exposed brick. Together, they create a warm and welcoming industrial feel to the workspace.

13. Adopt a minimalistic design approach

Sometimes, less is more. If you’d like to take a minimalistic design approach, you need to be very intentional with the pieces you do have. When there is less to focus on, your individual pieces need to be more impactful.

The Cahaba Building in Trussville, Alabama does a great job at doing just that. Every element in their space is thoughtfully curated, from the coffee table to the railing.

A minimalist approach doesn’t have to mean barren. It can still be open, inviting, and full of warmth and wonder if you choose the right pieces.

14. Add some art to your walls

Bad Company Workspace - coworking space design

Art is a wonderful way to bring a coworking space to life.

Add a piece of art or two to your coworking space to bring character to the room. You can even showcase local artists or members, creating a selling opportunity.

Bad Company Workspace in Wanaka, New Zealand has a beautiful space surrounded by nature. They bring their coworking rooms to life with the addition of a few key artistic pieces that reflect the world around them.

15. Get inspired by the world around you

If you’re fortunate enough to be located in a beautiful part of the world, use it to your advantage.

Sometimes all you need are some bright windows to drive the entire design of your coworking space. That’s just what Mountain Club coworking did in Queenstown, New Zealand. The scenery is so beautiful, they let it drive the entirety of the space.

Get started with your coworking space design

There’s a lot to consider when designing a coworking space. From the furniture to the lights to the color schemes, there’s so much opportunity to bring some character to your space.

The best place to start is by taking inspiration from those who have done it before.

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(Last updated: March 23, 2022)