Optix 2021 Feature Roundup

From enhanced customizability to increased flexibility to manage your resources, see the highlights of what we added to the Optix platform in 2021.
By The Optix Team
December 21, 2021
Optix 2021 features round-up

As we continue to navigate the new normal, we’re looking back at some of the new features and functionality we’ve built over the past year. We’ve added features to enable administrators to continue to customize and enhance their member experience as well as find ways to streamline their operations and maximize their resource usage.

Here’s a brief overview of the many exciting Optix updates unveiled in 2021, and more to come in 2022!

A new way to assign Resources to your Users

A new way to assign resources in Optix

For those longer-term, exclusive use of Resource, we were (and still are!) excited to introduce Assignments to Optix this year. With automated billing, you can configure the invoice to follow your processes; whether that’s single or recurring payments for their usage.

Assignments are also essential to increasing your resource utilization through time-based exclusivity, allowing Users to book a Resource outside of an Assignment’s dedicated hours.

Create your own resource types and define how they are booked in-app

Create your own resource types and define how they are booked in-app

With the constantly evolving ideas of how to provide your amenities to Users, we’ve created Resource Types to enable your customizability of Resources.

Whether you’re operating a traditional coworking space, listing equipment for rent, or enabling any other bookable revenue stream, Resource Types allows you to curate that experience.

Customize your in-app user booking experience with time slots

Customize your in-app experience

In addition to the Resource Types functionality, we’ve built Time Slots! Set up specific slots of time for Users to book depending on the availability you’d like to offer.

New look and feel for Resources

New look and feel for Resources

Your Resources, amenities, services, and other bookable items you offer are integral to the function of your business. We decided to give the admin dashboard a bit of a facelift with increased functionality to filter, manage, and create new Resources seamlessly.

Customize your home screen buttons

Customize your Optix home screen buttons

Ensure your app is aligned with the image and brand you’re showcasing to your users. What better way to do that than to carefully curate the home Screen buttons your users are introduced to on the Home Screen?

Not only can you promote buttons depending on your users’ needs, but you can also change their iconography and nomenclature to match your company tone.

New location details section on the mobile app Home Screen

New location details section on the mobile app Home Screen in Optix

Provide an even more seamless experience to your end-users with need-to-know information about your location, including location details, admin contact information, and wifi that connects instantly upon request. Make their day just a little easier by providing some helpful details accessible via the app.

Updated Kisi integration 

Optix and Kisi integration

Using our updated integration with the door-access control software Kisi, you can now map Kisi groups to Resources, Locations, and Plans to Optix for support on Bookings, Check-ins, Assignments, and Plans. This way, you can control how and when Users get access to your business or even certain Resources.

Zapier improvements

Integrate Optix with Zapier

As we’ve released improvements to the Optix platform across the year, we’ve been updating and building Zapier triggers at the same time. Whether you’re wanting to follow up automatically with Users when their Plans are coming to an end, or add a qualified client from a CRM into Optix, you have the opportunity to streamline workflows using this powerful tool!

Upgrade your subscription to Annual to save 20%

Upgrade your Optix subscription to annual

Last but not least, we introduced an Annual pricing plan this year. Same benefits, same product, but at a 20% discount! Check out our pricing page to browse the benefits.

Despite the continuous changes to the way we work throughout 2021, we’ve continued to work hard to build and improve our product so that your business can thrive! Interested in learning more about Optix? Request a demo here. See you in 2022!